Monday, December 12, 2011

Community Bikes

The SUNY Cortland community bike project has a chance to win 1,000 dollars to be used for refurbishing old bikes for any student to use to get around on campus.  The community bike project is in the GOOD 100 Challenge along with some other community project from other campuses.  This contest is created to get communities to come together and share what they have with others.  The SUNY Cortland community bike program is currently in third place watch the video below then follow the link and vote.

Follow this link to vote:

The rest of the projects are also really great ideas that could help make any community they are used in a better place. Its people who are starting projects like this in their community that are going to improve this world.  They have programs providing seating for bus stops that don't have anywhere to sit. There is one program that is trying to get a clothing swap started where you can rent clothing like you do book from a library. 

The great thing about all these programs is the people in charge of them are making no money off the projects.  It is just a group of people helping out others for nothing in return.  It is just people helping other people with no other motives. It is all about creating a community where you live and getting people to help one another.This is something that doesn't happen very often in today's society. I think that if more people were to start programs like this in their communities the world would be a better place.

A lot of people might think that others will take advantage of these programs and abuse the programs.   However I think that when you put a little bit of faith in society they can surprise you.  Of course their will be one or two people who don't take it seriously and may take advantage of the program but we can't let those people stop us from trying. People do sometimes have a tendency to take a mile when you give an inch but I think the only way to prevent this from happening is to keep trying.  The more programs started like this the more common it will become and people won't have to take advantage of the programs.

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