Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Education Philosophy

As a professional educator I rest my philosophy upon three major pillars of belief.  Together these three beliefs provide the basis for what i value, what i do, and why i do it as an educator.  These three beliefs are instilling students with a sense of pride,  teaching students how to come together and solve problems as a group and creating lifelong learners. 
            Instructional approaches must be designed to allow students of all different learning styles and abilities to be successful. When students feel like have accomplished something they didn’t think they could ever do it makes them proud.  By creating an environment where students have the perfect balance of being challenged and achieving success they will build their confidence. It is important to not only teach students concepts and ideas but also foster a sense of worth.  The young men and women who attend school need to know that they are valuable members of society and they can make a difference in the world.  Building a child’s self-esteem in school is extremely important because every child who walks through those doors matters, however sometimes their teachers and peers in school will be the only ones to tell them that.  Students who take pride in their actions and work will make better life choices than students who don’t.   Educating students across a variety of subjects and giving each one a chance to see where their talents lie is a best way to allow for a wide range students to find success. 
            The purpose of school is to teach students the information and skills necessary to be successful members of society.  Each classroom acts a small community that needs to work together to solve problems and support one another.  Each classroom needs someone to help return papers, another to collect papers, one to lead the line to the next destination and one to end the line to make sure everyone made it there.  Each of these jobs is important and without one student the class will not run as smoothly.   Simulating this in the classroom, and allowing every student a chance to try out different jobs will show them how important they are to the class.  It will also provide students with a basic understanding of how communities need the combined effort of a lot of people to function properly.  In this society there is not a single job or career out there that doesn’t require some interaction with others.  By teaching students how to work with one another in the classroom this will provided them with important interpersonal skills that are needed in everyday life.
            Curriculum should inspire students and spark their imagination and interest in a variety of different subjects.   The students need to get a taste of everything while they are young and growing up this will allow them a chance to find their passion in life.  By providing multiple options for students to expand their minds and broaden their point of view, educators are giving students a chance to be whoever they want to be.  Young men and women need to have lots of opportunities to find their talents and skills, their likes and dislikes.  All students are unique and have something different to offer the world and by giving them a chance to discover it at a young age only helps them to become the person they were born to be.  People should never stop learning there is such a vast amount of knowledge in this world it would be naive to think that one could know it all.  In order to stress this to students it is important to show them that even as an educator there is always more to learn.  Exploring new topics and ideas together will show students that even their teacher is still learning more and more every day.

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